MK Electronics Ltd

Electronics and Software Design
Experience and Achievements

The following products and projects were all developed under the personal leadership of Michael Kellett while he was Technical Director of Lamerholm Fleming Ltd and in all cases he was involved in the detail of the hardware and software design and development.

Piezo electric knock sensor for automotive engine management control (more than 2M sold)

DSP based ultra fast test system for knock sensors complete with new vibration exciter

Pioneered replacement of traditional telecommunications test gear for BT with microprocessor based designs

Introduced an fpga based digital tester featuring dynamic re-configuration

Adaptive suspension control system for Rolls Royce Motors

Ultra low frequency piezo electric accelerometer for Ford

DSP based suspension control system for Ford

32 channel DSP based data logger

Participant in DTI funded Active Suspensions for Railway Vehicles project

Strain gauge based note thickness sensor for NCR

Tri-axial shock and vibration recorder (3.5 mW average power consumption) (Millenium product award winner)

Company won Management Today Best Factory Award (Small Business category) and came second for Engineering overall under MK's Technical Directorship

Low cost shock and vibration recorder (<1mW average power consumption)

Most Recent MK Electronics Projects

DSP based USB data acqusistion card featuring 8 analogue channels and an aggregate data rate of up to 400k 16 bit samples per second.

DSP based analogue front end for a high speed industrial weighing machine acquiring and processing 1600 samples pwer second an 20 bit resolution.

Superconducting magnet "shim" power supply development resulting in a 5 channel bi-polar supply using switching power conversion and able to deliver up to 10A and 350W per channel.

Power supply control software written in C for Infineon '167 processor and featuring CANopen protocol communications with a control system.

Feasibility study to determine the optimum motor and drive electronics to control a special valve in a very difficult environment with special requirements for both EMC and chemical compatibility.

ARM based point of sale weighing system including load cell analogue interface.

Multi headed production line vibration test system based on DSP controllers using TI320F2808 processor.

13MHz 'MIFARE' aerials for contactless card readers

Retail temperature monitoring system for in store cooked food

ARM based autoclave controller

High performance audio interface (24bit, >110 dB s/n, up to 192kHz sampling)

LED camera light with advanced control and user display

Voice recognition using Blackfin processor with SDRAM

Bistable LCD display driver for retail pricing display

Multiprocessor test system for aerospace software test using ARM9 and ARM Cortex processors controlled by a PC programmed in VB and MATLAB

High speed data acquisition system for aerospace test - 64 analogue channels at 100kHz per channel with synchronous capture of six serial data streams at 1.5Mbaud.

FPGA test signal generator for end of line test of high end car CD/Radio - audio in and various I2S based signals out.