MK Electronics Ltd

Electronics and Software Design

In order to be able to offer the best service to our customers we have invested in a range of general purpose development software and tools. We will make further investments as required by new projects.


PCs (about 7 at the last count - more now but given up counting !)

Dev tools for Atmel AVR, Microchip PIC, Analogue Devices 21XX and Blackfin, Cypress EZ-USB, TI MSP430 and TI 320C20xx processors, Lattice FPGAs, ARM processors

General electronic lab equipment including Agilent Mixed Signal Scope, power supplies (up to 100V @ 28A), Arbitrary Waveform Generator etc.

Neutrik Audio test system.

Espec Temperature Cycler

Techne temperature Cycler

HAAS TL1 CNC Milling machine

Chester lathe with DRO



MATLAB with SIMULINK and Fuzzy Logic, Signal Processing and Filter Design Toolboxes

SolidWorks 3D mechanical CAD system



Aldec Active HDL

Keil 8051 C compiler

Keil ARM complier

IAR AVR compiler

and many others !