MK Electronics Ltd

Electronics and Software Design

While working as Technical Director of a small technology led company I ensured that my hands-on skills were maintained along with developing my management and business capabilities. SInce operating as an independent I have invested time and money in developing my capabilites in DSP, USB and VHDL design.

My core skills are:

Embedded system architecture conception and planning - that is, translating a customer requirement (often very broadly expressed) into a precise specification and system description down to component level and a detailed software design.

Embedded C and assembler programming for small processor systems (8 - 32 bit and DSP, including 8048, 8051, PIC, 6805, 6809, 68HC11, 'C167, AD2181, TI320C30, MC96000) with very tight constraints on performance, memory, power consumption and cost (usually on all four).

Computer modelling of signal processing, analogue circuits and system performance using SPICE, MATLAB and SIMULINK, Maple, Mathcad and FEA software.

Visual Basic programming for PC interface to electronic instruments.

Analogue design from ultra low power for data acquisition and transducer interfacing to medium power (1500W) for superconducting magnet control.


I also have experience of the following:


PCB design and layout

3D Mechanical CAD and modelling

Piezo electric accelerometer design and application

Shock and vibration measurement

Automotive electronics

SPC and automotive and ISO related quality control systems